Service Part / Support :

Our commitment to customers persists even after the products leave our factory. Our teams of experienced technicians have won tones of appreciation from our customers for the professionalism and hassle-free installation of the projects.

We offer the best rapid installations and assembly services for your laboratory, anywhere across the country. Our engineers work in accordance with laboratory safety guidelines and fit your laboratory with agility, reliability and precision. As many of the components are modular or per-assembled in our factory, we achieve excellent quality in the shortest possible installation time. All our products carry warranty for materials workmanship. also we are mfg and services provider for Industrial Embedded / PLC Projects.,

Annual Maintenance Support :

Laboratory awareness and preventive maintenance are basic tools for minimizing breakdowns of any Laboratory equipments / systems, thus increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of Laboratories.  

BVS proudly offers Annual Maintenance Contract for Biovision Services Make & Third Party Laboratory Instruments & Furniture in India. Preventive maintenance during the AMC of Laboratory equipments / systems provides years of trouble free functioning of Laboratory equipments . (Spares Extra)

Payments & Taxes :

All payments to be in favor of Biovision Services payable at Bangalore by way of RTGS / Cheque / Demand Draft (D.D) only. All taxes as applicable are over and above the quoted

  • Prices will be quoted as per product and quantity.
  • Dealer – Prices are valid up to 31st March 2019
  • Packing, Forwarding and Freight expenses will be extra at actual.
  • For Rate Contract / Dealership please contact us.

Disputes : All disputes are subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction only.

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