Biovision Services

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India was incorporated in the year 2006 with the vision to provide one stop solution for all kinds Biotechnology Instruments, Laboratory & Research Instruments. Under the visionary leadership and spirited efforts of our CEO, the company has set new benchmarks not just for itself but also for the industry as a whole. As part of our customer oriented approach following activities are integral part of our routine.

Processes :

Providing maximum technical information about our products to the clients, Present them in simple and systematic manner which enables the users to conveniently select the right product for their application, Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, Focus on continuous improvement of our products and service, Well set procedure for customer suggestions and feedback, which are evaluated and subsequently implemented in our drive forward to enhance our future performance.

Client :

  • Biotech Industry and Pharmaceuticals,
  • Colleges – Universities and Hospitals,
  • Industrial  &  Textile Industry Embedded / PLC Project, 
  • Medical – Quality Control also Process Control,
  • Research Institutions – R&D laboratories.,

Team Power :

With the high spirits and focused work methodology of our engineers, We manufacture superior quality high end products. Our dedicated team does thorough research to produce quality products that are designed as per the requirements of our clients. Our dedicated production team combined with modern techniques and use of latest precision machinery is committed to deliver world class products from our factory.

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